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Jonathan Maziarz

Agile & Product Coach, Merck

Jonathan Maziarz is the senior agile and product coach for
Merck Research Laboratories IT. He’s a certified Leadership Agility 360
Coach and is interested in helping leaders become more agile thinkers
and doers.
He joined Merck in 2017 and spent his first two years working in
cybersecurity. Following that he initiated the agile transformation of
Merck’s Cyber Fusion Center, as well as serving as the senior agile coach
and scrum master for the Enterprise Data and Analytics program.
Prior to coming to Merck, he worked as a scrum master and enterprise
architect in the omnichannel marketing space, as well as a product
manager in the enterprise content management space.
IT is his latest, and hopefully last, career, following stints as a journalist,
mountain rescue professional, ski bum, and marine biologist. He still
loves sea turtles, but hopes he never sees it snow again.
In his spare time, he’s a cyclist, an avid Lego builder, and is currently at work on his third novel. He’s still looking for a publisher for the first two.
He lives in Lakeway, Texas with his wife, Paula; son, Marco; and dogs
Kissy, Hot Dog, and Fred.

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