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Agile Austin Annual Sponsorships

Agile Austin is one of the most dynamic communities of agile practitioners in the nation. Each month we host a number of gatherings focused on agile development practices, education, and growing our community. 


Sponsors play a key role in supporting this vibrant community. We value our sponsors, and we assume that any organization considering sponsorship in Agile Austin shares our passion in promoting professionalism in agile software development.


To fit your needs, Agile Austin provides three sponsorship levels. Each succeeding level offers additional benefits and opportunities to present your message to the growing Agile community in central Texas. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your sponsorship needs and how they might align with opportunities afforded by sponsoring the Agile Austin community.

annual sponsorship benefits

Our annual sponsorship packages include a number of specific benefits, including the FOLLOWING HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Product/Service Announcements: Agile Austin represents a vibrant user community with strong outreach in the form of several monthly gatherings. 

    • As a platinum or gold sponsor, you are entitled to provide brief product or service announcements at a limited number of monthly meetings. 

    • Platinum sponsors may announce four times per year while gold sponsors may announce twice per year. Typically, a product/service announcement is two minutes long and includes a brief marketing message followed by a short example of how your products and services can help our members.

  • Newsletters: Agile Austin provides our community with emails detailing upcoming Agile Austin events. To thank our sponsors, our emails include company logos with hyperlinks for all Agile Austin sponsors. Logo placement and size varies by sponsor level, with platinum and gold sponsors receiving significant placement. The Agile Austin updates are a great way to get your company logo in front of our community.

  • Web Placement: All sponsorship will be acknowledged on the Agile Austin website. Each successive level of sponsorship-- platinum, gold, silver-- will be recognized by increasing the size of the company name and logo; all logos will be hyperlink enabled.

For full benefits descriptions, please click on the "Learn More" for the platinum, gold, and silver levels above.

we appreciate all of our corporate sponsors!

Sponsorship Application Form

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