Racial Injustice

A letter from the president of AgileAustin

Agile Community,


I am writing this letter today to make clear of AgileAustin’s stance in this time of Racial Injustice in America.


We stand with our black community. 


Black lives matter.


As a leader in the community it is my privilege, responsibility and accountability to take a stance and not be silent. As a white man, I am learning (slowly) that it is not ok to be silent and that there are two stances on this issue - racist and anti-racist.  AgileAustin is choosing the path of anti-racist.


AgileAustin is a 501c(6) non-profit and by definition and charter, we are non-political. This is not a political issue, this is a people issue. We are an organization focused on people engagement and learning within the community.


To that end, AgileAustin would like to offer the following suggested resources for education and understanding. These have been suggested to me as I educate myself and I am passing them along. 


These are for white people, we are the people who need to learn and act.




Be Safe

Be Well

Be Educated