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Dhaval Panchal

Founder, Evolve Agility

Dhaval Panchal

Programmer at heart, Dhaval brings 20+ years of from-the-trenches agile executive and entrepreneurial experience. He is passionate about catalyzing change in systems where leaders empower others to excel.

He is founder of Evolve Agility® and has led large scale Agile transformations for companies in Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Gaming, and Medical business domains. He brings System Thinking perspective and works with CTOs and heads of Software Development, engineering, DevOps, Data and Project Management to

- Transform legacy waterfall approaches into efficient Agile processes
- Scale your Agile efforts to full enterprise level
- Train key team members to maximize Agile adoption
- Adopt best practices to ensure sustainable momentum & long-term success

He is also member elected Board of Directors of Scrum Alliance, which supports the agile movement as the only non-profit certifying body in the agile space with more than 1.4M certificants.

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