Welcome to The Xenia Project!

Our mission is to introduce a series of community hack-a-thon events to help Local Non-profit Organizations accomplish their software needs by utilizing the Local Software Development Community and mentoring Local Academic Talent in need of real-world experience.

We want to solve a software problem for your organization through an upcoming series of Hackathon events.

Agile Austin promotes Agile Software Development Practices in Austin.  The organization has been active since 2007.  Our members are from Austin’s leading software development companies.

We are organizing this Hackathon series as a way to give back to the Austin community, bolster technical skills and to help teach and mentor participants.

Your organization can benefit by having a software problem solved, and at the same time expand the understanding of your cause in the community.

Our focus is to provide an opportunity for college students and new grads to learn new software skills and get our software community more engaged in volunteering for non-profit causes.

If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming Hackathon events, please click one of the following: