List of downloads from previous Agile Austin presentations and events:

1/16/14: Domain Driven Design from the Dev SIG

1/7/14: Becoming an Agile Team Member by Walter Bodwell

11/12/13: Agile Retrospectives – Loops of Learning by Earl Everett

10/1/13: Automation Culture: Essential to Agile Success by Geoff Meyer

9/19/13: Metrics discussion from the Dev SIG

9/10/13: Agile 2013 Perspectives by Mark Spitzer, Michael Lepine, Scott Killen and David Hawks

8/15/13: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment in Depth

8/13/13: How To Build Features People Will Want by Ash Maurya

7/18/13: Refactoring

7/2/13: Technical Debt Meets Agile by Israel Gat

6/20/13: Continuous Integration by Mike Lepine and Eric Stewart

6/6/13: Ignoring Your Customers.  Why Your Product Failed.  by Scott Sehlhorst

6/5/13: Putting Cucumber To Use by Titus Fortner

5/14/13: Stop Starting; Start Finishing by David Hawks

5/14/13: Problems Maintaining Product Development Innovation in an Agile / Lean World by Matt Roberts

1/29/13: Model-Driven Testing for Agile Teams

11/1/11: Better Living Through Git

7/12/11: Building Security into the Next Iteration – Part 1 by James Wickett

7/2/11: Building Security into the Next Iteration – Part 2 by Matt Tesauro

2/1/11: Agile Expectations by Walter Bodwell

7/9/10: The Influencer’s Mantra- Influencing the philosophy, dynamics & forces of change initiatives.

7/7/09: Managing an Agile Team

6/2/09: Integrating into the whole. Embedding agile processes into all aspects of s1s business-model

3/3/09: The Use of Agile Methods by the Entrepreneur

2/3/09: Scaling Agility: from 0 to 1000 by Walter Bodwell

The Elephant in the Room- Appraisals and Compensation

Writing User Stories Workshop

Waterfallacies and Agile Methods

Estimation Workshop

Agile Tooling