DevOps SIG Meeting 3/28

*********************NEW LOCATION – BAZAARVOICE********************************

The DevOps SIG March meeting will be held on March 28th in the big room at Bazaarvoice.  This new space is HUGE relative to our old one and the configuration opens up some new meeting possibilities.  This month we are going to try an Open Space approach to […]

DevOps SIG – Feb 29 – Coping with Tightly Coupled Components in a Continuous Deploy / Delivery Environmen

*********************NEW LOCATION – BAZAARVOICE********************************

The DevOps SIG February meeting will be on Leap Day (February 29th).  While no exotic celebrations are planned for this unique confluence of schedules, we will have a lively discussion on the ever-popular problem of how to deal with tightly coupled components while trying to speed your delivery processes.  Loosely coupled […]

January DevOps SIG Meeting 1/25

Welcome to 2011!

The DevOps SIG resumes this month on Wednesday, January 25th with a discussion of the role of monitoring and DevOps.  Come prepared to discuss both monitoring in its traditional role as well as its value back up the chain as a tool for developers to hone the quality, performance, and maintainability of […]

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Nov 30 – DevOps SIG Meeting


“DevOps Anti-patterns A-GoGo”

Community discussion of common anti-patterns / problems that show up in trying to get DevOps going in their environmenrts.  We’ll have a top 5 list to stimulate conversation / discussion.  Come prepared to share thoughts, ideas, learnings, and commiserations ;-).



Food and Drink

Pizza and drinks will be provided courtesy of […]

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October 26th – DevOps SIG Meeting


DevOps Deployment at National Instruments

Ernest Mueller from NI will lead a discussion about how NI uses DevOps to support their SaaS product environments.



The focus of this SIG will be to discuss the challenges of and solutions for creating a functioning end-to-end, cross-functional agile lifecycle that gets […]

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DevOps SIG – Link to Slides from 9/28 Meeting

Just a quick post to provide a link to Matt Ray’s slides from Wednesday’s AgileAustin DevOps SIG meeting.

Click here for the slides.

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