DevOps SIG – More Agile for Ops

Based on group discussion at the January meeting, we are going to revisit the topic of what it is like to apply core Agile concepts in an Operations environment. We will dive into mapping the lessons of Agile to Operations activities and continue the discussion of how it can help Operations execute better.
Speaker: […]

DevOps SIG – DevOps SIG – Breaking Through Barriers

When building up anything in human endeavor, there are periods of rapid progress and then there are plateaus. DevOps has the same pattern.

What progress plateaus have you hit when adopting DevOps?
– How did you get through / past them?
Are you on a progress plateau now?
– What is holding you to the […]

DevOps SIG – Agile Basics for Operations

This months meeting will take a look at Agile practices in general and how they apply in an Operations environment. The notion is to do a little basic level-setting on what Agile really means – something that Operations folks are too often not involved with. Then apply some of those concepts to […]

DevOps SIG – The (Scary?) Reality of Deployment

At the August meeting, we had great discussion from the community about Monitoring. Using that at a pattern, we have had some interest from folks about deployment. Especially as distinct from provisioning and configuration management. Applications are complex, many part, many environment things. So the idea is to narrow our focus to that part […]

DevOps SIG – It Takes One to Op One

The DevOps path leads us to new way of working: to deploy and run a system, we need to build a system – a software system of a different sort. Or is it really so different? What principles and lessons from the world of software engineering can we apply?

Based on our last meeting, a […]

DevOps SIG – August Meeting – Topic: Monitoring

After the great overview of DevOps Days in California by Ernest Mueller during our July meeting, the attendees got deep into some of the monitoring implications of the discussion. Based on that, we are going to focus the August meeting on that topic. Please come prepared to discuss the tools you use, how […]

DevOps SIG – Velocity / DevOps Days Recap

Some of our DevOps SIG participants were fortunate enough to go to the West Coast during the last week of June for the double-whammy of the O’Reilly Velocity conference and DevOps Days Mountain View. They agreed to bring learnings and notes from the events and share with our group at the July meeting.
Speaker: Velocity […]

DevOps SIG – Culture Discussion – Open / Open Space

Since this month’s main Agile Austin meeting was DevOps focused, it seemed like it would be a great opportunity to follow it up with a continued discussion in a DevOps-centric arena. So, this month’s SIG will be an open or open space discussion seeded by the topics covered in the main meeting. This could […]

DevOps SIG – Hand-wringing over what DevOps Is

“DevOps- What Is It, How Do You Organize For It, Is It Just A New Silo, Is It A Job Title?”  Or “Hand-wringing over what DevOps Is.”  By its nature, DevOps disrupts traditional organizational structures and views.  As companies have success with it, they grapple with how to fit it into their structures.  This […]

DevOps SIG – April 25 – What data do you drool over?

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Challenge – bring your “Data Porn” – one of the things people were talking about at DevOps days was the amount of metrics data a good DevOps organization can produce.  Slangily it was called data “porn”.  A term like that deserves a meeting.  So, a little “I’ll show you mine if […]