DevOps SIG – Annual DevOps Thanksgiving

Every November, we take a retrospective look back at the year in DevOps and reflect on the year and what we should be thankful for. DevOps is an exploding space right now and there are a lot of challenges, but there is also a lot of progress and benefit to having so many people […]

DevOps SIG – House of Horrors

We are going with a late October theme this month. The DevOps House of Horrors. Come with a story that is appropriately scary – something you saw, something you heard, or maybe just something you went through and lived to tell the tale. Even just a good facepalm-worthy event would be good. Such tales […]

DevOps SIG – Questions, Questions.

This month, we are going to do two things.First, we are going to do a quick brainstorm exercise to get some guidance for the SIG and what the group wants to do with the meetings, topics, etc.Then, for our discussion, we are going to something a little different. The idea is for each attendee […]

DevOps SIG – Show & Tell

The DevOps space is populated by a huge and growing number of tools. This provides awesome fodder for innovation. As during any technological explosion, it can be hard to keep up with all the new stuff that is out there and figure out which new thing might be a big help for what you […]

DevOps SIG – Velocity / DevOpsDays Silicon Valley recap

Late last month, the Velocity conference and DevOpsDays Silicon Valley were held back-to-back. We are going to talk about these and get a download from Ernest he was at both on what was hot/not at the events. Anyone else who went – please come on out and share your impressions – the more the […]

DevOps SIG – Version Control for Ops

For all the discussion of Dev techniques applied in an Ops context, there is not a lot of discussion on basic skills transfer. One of the more basic is the systematic use of version control software. This is taken for granted in Dev, but too many Ops teams still are not consistent on this […]

DevOps SIG – DevOpsDays Austin Retrospective

Earlier this month last week as I write this interested folks in our area got together for a two day feast and fest of things DevOps. We called it DevOps Days Austin! It was the third year of the event and the biggest so far – with over 425 people there. We also had […]

DevOps SIG – Agile and DevOps – The Shared and Not Shared Lessons

The DevOps SIG is BACK for April in a NEW LOCATION on a NEW DAY OF THE MONTH (FINAL FRIDAY) and ready to get back in the groove! This month, we have a new home at BANCVUE [address] and are looking forward to getting settled in to our new home.

DAY: […]

DevOps SIG – Feb Meeting – Work Tracking Tools

We spend a lot of time talking about tools that are great at coordinating large numbers of system images. We do not spend a lot of time talking about how we coordinate the disparate groups involved in delivering software to users even though we talk about how crucial that dimension is.

SO, let’s put our […]

DevOps SIG – January – What makes a good DevOps Tool?

The explosion of DevOps has given us a plethora of tools we can use to get our jobs done. That’s awesome, but it is a two-edged sword. The downside is that we now have to pick the right ones for both the task at hand as well as the ability to fit with […]