DevOps SIG – Database Management in a DevOps World

This month, Anil Mahadev of Embarcadero (now part of Idera) will be presenting on database management topics in a DevOps context. Databases are a difficult topic in DevOps that do not get a lot of attention.Anil will lead a session discussing:1. Why automate?2. See the value of agile database change management 3. Why DevOps […]

DevOps SIG – Lean Coffee – Ribs on the Delivery Backbone

Hi All-There are always interesting discussions of integrating automated validation techniques (usually test suites) into Continuous Delivery flows. That opens up an interesting set of practice centered discussion topics. For example:What is the minimum?What should NOT be added?What are the priorities (regression, security, etc.)?What criteria do you use to prioritize?This is a growing question […]

DevOps SIG – Agile Principles in a DevOps World

One of the goals of the DevOps philosophy is to expedite the delivery of working software into production. Agile development brings with it a somewhat unique set of challenges to an Ops team. This talk will discuss some basic Agile practices, how they relate and impact a DevOps teams, and what role the […]

DevOps SIG – Reducing the Pain of Software Development — Lessons for DevOps

This month, Janelle Klein has agreed to come in and talk about some lessons learned from the Dev world and how they apply to DevOps. As development-style activities spread into more disciplines, this kind of knowledge and experience is valuable for all of us!Janelle will do a 10-15 minute presentation on Understanding the Causes […]

DevOps SIG – Lean Coffee – What does a “DevOps Career” Look Like

Ever since DevOps hit the mainstream / buzz line, there has been a steady parade of modified job descriptions that now have “DevOps” somewhere in them and a set of new tools listed. But all too often, these are just the equivalent of putting racing stripes on the same old sysadmin, developer support, etc. […]

DevOps SIG – Change Patterns – Dont Get Mowed Down with the Grassroots

Getting DevOps to be truly adopted is much harder than it sounds. The benefits seem self-evident to many and to many teams. So, why do so many efforts to adopt DevOps stall? Why do they stay grass roots efforts or maybe stagnate after a team or two adopt a tool? Why do some companies […]

DevOps SIG – Lean Coffee – Filtering May

Back for May – AgileAustin DevOps SIG!It has been a busy month with a couple of major events in the community! Between DevOpsDays and Keep Austin Agile, there has been a ton of information delivered on ideas, concepts, and practices for getting better at delivering software. We are going to use our May get […]

DevOps SIG – Lean Coffee: Cultural, operational, and job expectations on a DevOps team

There is plenty of talk about having a flat, unified team where everyone is responsible for uptime and reliability. But that cuts to some very core assumptions about how Dev and Ops are classically defined in terms of role as well as actual job requirements / expectations. Some example points for consideration: What […]

DevOps SIG – LeanCoffee – The Definition of Done in DevOps

The “Definition of Done” is a key topic in the Agile Development world. Since DevOps is deeply associated with attempts to become more Agile in the more general sense when it comes to delivering software, it is an important topic that we can learn from and contribute to.Our meeting will be a themed “Lean […]

DevOps SIG – DevOps and Architecture – Minimum Deployable Artifact

Aaaand we are back!Apologies for the late restart – this year has been off to a pretty fast start.This month we are going to kick off 2015 with a themed “Lean Coffee” format meeting. The theme this month will be the “Minimum Deployable Artifact”. Come ready to discuss topics related to this theme. […]