How do I become a speaker/presenter at Agile Austin programs?

We always need speakers and very much value what our community has to contribute.  The process of becoming a speaker depends on the program, though.  We need speakers for our monthly meetings, programs like workshops and SIGs, and our conference.

Monthly Meetings:  Email our Program Chair to discuss the details.

Individual Programs:  Check out the program pages on our site, and email a program lead for details.  Please understand that each program is different.  Some encourage speakers and presentations while others seek more of a discussion format and look for moderators.

Conference:  The conference team will issue a call for speakers several months before the event.  This gives them time to vet the content and plan schedules.  When the call for speakers goes out, we will be pretty noisy about it.  You will find announcements on LinkedIn, our Facebook Page, Twitter, email notifications, general meetings, and (of course) on this site.

Does Agile Austin give PDUs?

Agile Austin is not a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) of the Project Management Institute.  Therefore, it cannot award PDUs.

However, attendance at Agile Austin meetings, workshops, conferences, book discussions and other events may qualify for PDU recertification credits.  Here are the steps you must take.

1)     First, you must determine the relevance of the topic(s) to project management.  If not relevant, then you may not claim PDUs.  Determination of relevance is strictly your obligation.  Agile Austin bears no responsibility for this determination.

2)     If relevant, then file a claim for PDU’s under Category B – Continuing Education.  The rules for this category are:

CATEGORY B:   Continuing Education Earn PDUs:

  • By completing an academic course being offered by a university or college


  • By attending relevant educational courses offered by training organizations NOT registered with PMI. This may include training (or a Webinar) offered by your employer, another professional or membership association, or a non-R.E.P. training organization.

When only a portion of a course relates to your credential area of expertise, calculate PDUs by the percentage of the overall curriculum focused on the topic. Report each course separately. Entire degree programs will not be recognized for PDU credits, only individual courses

PDU Rule: 1 hour of instruction related to project management, program management, project risk, project scheduling or agile project management equals 1 PDU. You can report PDUs in 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75 increments.
Documentation required upon PMI audit/request: Certificate or letter of attendance, unofficial transcript, grade report, brochure or other course materials.

3)     Save the meeting announcement, program, ticket or other artifact that verifies your attendance, the topic, and the speaker’s qualifications.

How can I volunteer and help Agile Austin?

All you have to do is ask.  We are proud of our volunteers and very thankful for their contributions.  Without it, Agile Austin would not be what it is today.  So, our door is always open for volunteers.  Send an email to leading-agile-austin@googlegroups.com.  This is our mailing list for those who want to be part of helping shape Agile Austin.  This includes board members, project leads, and anyone interested.  Someone will be back to you shortly to help get you involved.


How do I become a food sponsor for the monthly meetings?

Food sponsorship for the monthly meetings is done on a quarterly basis.  Please contact our Treasurer or Vice President for more information.

How many programs does Agile Austin offer every month?

There are a lot of programs each month.  Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with them.  Please subscribe to our notification list to become informed about each one of our programs.

Does Agile Austin offer CSM/CPO certification classes?

No, we do not.  However, we have many members of our community who do offer these classes.  Look for announcements on our notification list.  You can subscribe to that list here.

How long has Agile Austin been in existence?

Austin Austin has been alive and kicking since 2007.

Who were the original founders of Agile Austin?

Our founding members and original board:

President:  Scott Killen

Vice President:  Dale Schumacher

Treasurer:  Gary Brown

Programming Chair:  Jeff Smith

Communication Chair:  Jeffrey Palermo

Do I have to be a member to attend Agile Austin programs?

No.  All of our programs are open to the community.  Just sign up on the eventbrite link for what you would like to attend to save your seat, and show up.

What’s more is that all of our programs are free.  The only exception to this is our conference.  Due to the cost and effort of hosting the conference, we do need to charge an attendance fee.

What does it cost to be a member of Agile Austin?

The membership fee is an annual fee of $30.00.  More information about becoming a member may be found here.

How do I become a sponsor of Agile Austin?

Please visit our sponsor page for more information on becoming a sponsor.

How can I get involved with Agile Austin?

Quite simply, show up.  Nearly all of our meetings and programs are free and open to the community.  Check our website for information on various meetings from SIGs, book clubs, workshops, and our general community.  There will be signup information on there which you can use to reserve your spot.  Some of our programs have limited seating.

We are also a volunteer organization and we are always looking for anyone who wants to help with our mission.  Feel free to send an email to info@agileaustin.org to inquire about volunteering opportunities.

What is a SIG?

A SIG, or Special Interest Group, is a smaller meeting hosted by Agile Austin that has a sharper focus on either topic or audience than many of the general meetings do.  Often times, these meetings are held during the lunch hour, but that is not a rule and will vary from SIG to SIG.

How do I become an Agile Austin member?

Austin Austin membership requires an annual membership fee of $30.00.