You don’t have to be a manager to be a leader. Just because you’re a manager, you may not be a leader. However, there are many times where these two roles overlap. It’s natural for some, and other’s it isn’t.

The conversation at this SIG meeting will focus around the differences between these two roles from the perspective of a technical leader who has recently made the transition to a formal manager’s role. We will talk about lessons learned as well as areas that are still grey.

Bring your experience to talk about management in a technical shop and let’s see if we can’t help out all of the new managers out there who want to not just manage, but lead as well.

Speaker: Lee Fox

Date/Time: 8/7/15 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Venue: Agile Velocity, 8140 N. Mopac Expressway, Building IV, Suite 140, Austin, TX 78759

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