It’s now a well-known fact that very few women work in technology. However, despite this awareness, the picture is actually getting worse!

Technology careers are consistently ranked as the #1 or #2 best jobs on US News and other polls. In fields like software development and information security, annual growth rates range from 22% to 36%. Yet somehow, the percentage of women in technology keeps dropping.

Why aren’t there more women in technology? What can we do as a community to reverse this pattern?

Our discussion panel will include five successful “women in tech”, four panelist and one facilitator, to discuss the facts, the challenges, and potential solutions. Specifically, we will be talking about:

The Pipeline Problem – Girls don’t see technology as a viable career choice. In 2008 – 2011, only 18% of Computer Science graduates were women, compared to 37% in 1985. Only about 3% of high school senior girls plan on majoring in Computer Science.

The Retention Problem – Even after getting an education in Computer Science, women are dropping out of the field. In 2003, nearly half of all women who held a B.S. in Computer Science were not employed in software engineering fields two years after graduation. Three years after graduation, the number falls to one third.

This is not a women only topic. In fact, with so few women in technology, we need the support of both men and women to fix the system. So ladies, please encourage the “men in tech” you know to join us. Lets talk about what we can do as a community.

Speaker: Women in Technology Panel
Lana Kalashnyk – Director of Software Engineering, W Consulting Group (Panel Facilitator)
Janelle Klein – CTO, New Iron (Panelist)
Beth Weeks – SVP of Engineering, Zilliant (Panelist)
Julia Jacobs – JavaScript Architect, Boundary (Panelist)
Chris Berry – Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, PeopleAdmin (Panelist)

Date/Time: 8/11/15 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Venue: BancVue, 4516 Seton Center Pkwy, Suite 300, Austin, TX 78759

Food provided by Return Path

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