In a 2012 study by Serena Software data showed that the biggest Agile challenge is
communication. From the point of view of both management and development, four of the top five agile roadblocks involved communication with teams and customers.

Whether managing inter-team collaboration, customer expectations or non-agile team
engagement, leaders have multiple challenges which can all be improved with the right
communication tools.

Monique Maley of Articulate Persuasion works with organizations to provide leaders with the
tools to facilitate collaboration, mitigate disruptive team members and engage clients and
customers alike to maximize project ROI.

In this session will cover:

-Principles and Practices of Effective Communication
-Aligning and Articulating expectations for desired outcomes
-The hidden challenges of both face-to-face and virtual communication
-Increasing your Influence and Credibility to lead your Agile teams

Speaker: Monique Maley

Date/Time: 4/14/15 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Venue: BancVue, 4516 Seton Center Pkwy, Suite 300, Austin, TX 78759

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