Product Manager, Product Owner, Technical Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Product Strategist, Program Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst…what skills and responsibilities differentiate one role from another? Do you and your Executive Stakeholders have a consensus on what your role entails and how it might evolve through the product and business lifecycle? Do you know the areas you need to develop or augment to meet the challenges of your position?

In this workshop, Pat will introduce a model that she has been using with Executives and Product teams since 2004 and guide you through the process of:

· Visualizing “whole product” requirements, lifecycles and organizational roles
· Assessing your skills and skill gaps
· Prioritizing and planning work through Product lifecycles

Speaker: Pat Scherer

Date/Time: 12/17/14 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Venue: XO Group, 2700 W Anderson Ln Ste 901, Austin, TX 78757

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