NOTE: Please contact for an official invite. Guests should consider themselves “executives”, which generally means that they are a VP, CxO, or a Director or similar in a larger organization. If you do invite a guest, please indicate the name, title and company in your response. There will be no charge to you or your guest to attend.

Greetings and Salutations!

You are cordially invited to attend the quarterly Agile Austin luncheon of practicing agile executives. This luncheon is convened to help senior leaders with agile software development teams of a dozen or more solve practical problems.

This event is a PITCH-FREE ZONE. Many attendees operate consulting businesses and certainly qualify to attend as they are trying to adopt agile principles, but well ask them to respect other attendees. Feel free to grab business cards and conduct business another time.

Registration will be closed at 10pm on the Sunday before the event or at 40 people, whichever comes first. Please respect that, if you RSVP and do not attend, you may deny a seat to another and force us to incur unnecessary expense.

Please direct questions to in advance of the event. Also, please use this address to let us know of any special dietary needs.

Agile Austin is pleased to present this luncheon as one component of a wider program to support agility in software development in the Central Texas community. We are happy to offer you this opportunity to leverage the experience of others to the benefit of your own firm.

All the best,

Matt Roberts
President, Agile Austin

Speaker: Matt Roberts – Facilitator

Date/Time: 8/21/14 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Venue: TBD, TBD, Austin, TX

To Register and for more info: