Lean Product Management can mean a lot of things. Unfortunately today it mostly means “One Product Manager for every three to five Products”. That is a version of Lean, but it is not what we need to be striving for. Ideally what I mean when I talk about Lean Product Management is eliminating as much waste as possible from the process of Product Management and Product Marketing without sacrificing our core competencies in favor of non-essential activities. In this session I’ll talk about Lean applied to Product Manager core activities and share some tools that I use that will help you.

In this quick workshop, I will be facilitating us through several activities to help you get practical guidance on how to do the job. We will go through a list of several common challenge areas that I’ve seen in my 17 years and discuss how you can implement different tools and techniques that will help you.

Attendees are encouraged to bring to the session an artifact from your tool that works well for you. We might do a little “Show and Tell”. My session is all about directed, peer interaction so that you can get real context of how this thing called Agile and Lean may work for you. I look forward to learning with you! (Get ready to play some Innovation Games in the process!)

Jeff Brantley

Speaker: Jeff Brantley

Date/Time: 3/4/14 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Venue: BancVue, 4516 Seton Center Pkwy, Suite 300, Austin, TX 78759

To Register (and for more info): http://www.eventbrite.com/event/10569534763.