You’ve read The Innovator’s Dilemma. You’ve bought in to The Lean Startup. You’re ready to kickstart your company’s product innovation efforts. There’s just one problem: you’re not sure where to begin:

– What can design teach us about building a collaborative culture?

– How do you structure a successful product design team? – How should that team work?

– How will that team measure success?

Jeff will offer practical, step-by-step, guidance on how to build and support successful product design innovation in your business. Using insights gained from leading and working with dozens of product and design teams, Jeff will step through team makeup, process steps, management structure and the corporate infrastructure needed for these teams to flourish.

NEW Agile Austin Host Location: SolarWinds

Speaker: Jeff Gothelf

Date/Time: 3/6/14 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Venue: SolarWinds, 3711 S MO PAC EXPY BLDG 2, Austin, TX 78746

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