There has been a lot of discussion lately about LeanStartup among product teams and product leaders who want to grow their company through innovation. Usually the only companies who try it are actual startups (which represent a small fraction of companies and budget.) Eric Reis offers us a generic playbook for what this is and how we can do it. Well, sort of… Eric admits that his book is just a start and there are any number of ways that the principles could be implemented. Books like LeanUX and LeanAnalytics, and the soon to be released Lean Product Book are examples of the ongoing “how to” publications that will help all of us to some extent. But this is not something that can be implemented from a book. It will take commitment to learning and risk-taking. You need to start your mind-shift and behavioral changes now! Product Leaders need to take that banner and go forward in the organization to champion the cause. The team needs to get behind the idea that we are experimenting and learning together. Everyone needs to take the long-term view on this and consider each small victory another step on the journey towards continuous, validated innovation. Yes, even if you do not have all the technical instrumentation in place, or all the support of your stakeholders, or all the skills and experience, you too can begin the journey and make progress with your team(s). Jeff will discuss various ways he has done just that and we can discuss together how to remain in synch with the principles of LeanStartup even if you are a 30 year old company and your product traces its history back to the nineties.

Speaker: Jeff Brantley

Date/Time: 3/18/14 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Venue: CA Technologies, 5001 Plaza on the Lake, Third floor, Austin, TX 78746

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