It’s time to shake up the discussion of modern UX and Lean UX in Austin again with the next Agile Austin UX SIG. However, instead of a lunch meeting, from now on we’re trying happy hours!

Come one and all, UX practitioners, UI developers, UX recruiters, businesses looking to hire good UX talent, all under one roof having 100 different conversations.

This Agile Austin UX SIG will be like no other SIG before. We’ll begin with 5 rapid fire micro-talks of 3-5 minutes each, tackling Agile UX issues and solutions. Following this, each speaker will be available in a different location of the bar for the real conversations to begin.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got a good UX video or example, bring it up on the huge screens in the meeting room at Mr. Tramps using your mobile device for all to see.

This is Agile Collaboration at it’s finest. If you’re looking to change UX approach and culture in Austin, wanting to know what the next big thing is, a recruiter looking for UX talent, a company that knows you need UX help but you don’t know what that is or where to get it, this is the event for you!

This event will be hosted at Mr. Tramps on 183.

Speaker information will be available at the event.

Speakers confirmed so far include:

Bryan Eisenberg – Words as UX

Adam Levy – UX Across Software to the Real World

Haidy Francis – UX in Enterprise Business

Theresa Neil – Modern UX

Speaker: MicroTalks

Date/Time: 11/7/13 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Venue: Mr. Tramps, 8565 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

To Register (and for more info):