In the days of yore in the retail software industry most teams had the need for a Configuration Management team to deal with the complex world of build/compile farms, media production (Floppies, CDs, DVDs), and Gold Master media for production runs. Of course, these roles and needs do still exist today in many software industries such as entertainment/games. Today, most of us in the fast moving world of rapidly released web and mobile solutions have Release Management to help maintain control over the chaos of parallel development across multiple product lines and frequent releases. This is managed by a combination of process, tools, and most importantly, DISCIPLINE.

One of the challenges often faced in Release Management is source and branch management. These challenges can often affect QA organizations because we are the last stop of the development process. It is often up to QA to verify that all of the desired code has gotten into the right release, and how big that burden is will be dependent on source management, branching strategy, and effective tools. Do you currently live through merge check hell? Have you worked with companies where release management has been implemented well? Please join us for an open discussion around release management and the strategy/tools/process as it relates to source control and branch management. We would love to hear how your QA organization deals with all of this. We hope to see a good turnout for a productive discussion.

Speaker: Greg Patterson

Date/Time: 10/16/13 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Venue: Planview, 8300 N Mopac Expy, Austin, TX 78759

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