Brian Rock of Amazon will be in Austin for a few weeks, and he’s graciously agreed to present at the QA SIG Downtown. We’ve shifted the date for the September QA SIG Downtown to accomodate his visit. Hope you can make it out!


In Amazon’s Social Shopping Technology team, automation testing supports a continuous release process to 14 different localized versions of our software. Amazon’s sites get 100’s of millions of visits each day. Our margin for post production customer facing bugs is extremely low, and our application is reliant on software services provided by 100’s of other Amazon teams and multiple localized disparate data sources. Due to this scale and complexity we test software differently at Amazon. This talk will focus on the challenges of creating an automation framework to support Continuous Deployment in this environment and will discuss some lessons learned in moving my team from a staged weekly release process to continuous deployment. A question and answer period will follow.

Speaker: Brian Rock

Date/Time: 9/27/13 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Venue: HomeAway, 1011 W. Fifth Street, Austin, TX 78703

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