Do We Need Photoshop to Create Web Products Anymore?

A recent movement called NoPSD is making some compelling arguments about why, in modern web development and User Experience planning, we continue to use so much Photoshop or other similar Adobe products.

Here’s the basic premise.

If wire-framing is a valuable process.

If User Experience is a scientifically based and measurable process.

If good UX adapts wire-frames into optimized layouts.

If story-boarding connects these layouts into optimized application behavior.


If most “styling” done in web products is done using CSS and HTML.

If layouts can be made using css frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap and other responsive grids.

If colors, branding, and highlights can come later.

Why are we still doing full Photoshop pixel perfect layouts of all of our UI’s?

There are many arguments for the use of Photoshop and it still has it’s place, but what if we could make it more agile, more part of the developing process?

What if we had Asynchronous Photoshop Design?

Let’s discuss! Bring your thoughts and concerns about the approach of high-fidelity designs as part of the UX process! Bring your friends! Let’s battle it out!

All issues are on the table as we fire off this new UX SIG discussion. We strongly encourage UX and UI developers to attend as things may get a little technical at times, but all are welcome to the discussion.

Here are some articles to get the thoughts started.

This event will be hosted by the generous team at! You can find directions to this UX SIG by visiting their site here.

Speaker: Thomas Tucker & Todd Ballard

Date/Time: 7/18/13 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Venue: Indeed, 7501 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Building B, Austin, TX 78731

To Register (and for more info):