Are you a UX practitioner or a UI developer? If so, please come out and join us for a reboot of the Agile Austin UX SIG as we come together to discuss UX issues that we face in our daily work and strive to find the best solutions.

This session will focus on the great debate of wireframing vs rapid prototyping. Come with your proverbial boxing gloves ready to rumble and battle out the viewpoints between which is better, more efficient, faster, and more agile.

What is wireframing supposed to accomplish? Does it contribute to better division of roles? Can designers rapidly prototype as easily as they can wireframe? Should designers wireframe or should you have a full time UX specialist?

All issues are on the table as we fire off this new UX SIG discussion. We strongly encourage UX and UI developers to attend as things may get a little technical at times, but all are welcome to the discussion.

This event will be hosted by the generous team at! You can find directions to this UX SIG by visiting their site here.

Speaker: Thomas Tucker & Todd Ballard

Date/Time: 6/20/13 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Venue: Indeed, 7501 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Building B, Austin, TX 78731

To Register (and for more info):