The Agile Austin U Foundations Course is an 8 week night course that is free to our community. The intent is to introduce the core concepts of agile, Scrum, Lean Software and Kanban. There will be two volunteer instructors for each class and dinner will be provided. Proof of Attendance will be provided for those interested in claiming PDU’s. The full schedule can be found at

Scrum is a way for teams to work together to develop a product. It’s a set of rules that create just enough structure for teams to be able to focus their innovation to solve what might otherwise be an insurmountable challenge.

Week 6 of our 8-week journey through the fundamentals of agile brings us to a discussion of Scrum and how it can effectively be used to produce features and/or product(s). You’ll participate in a Scrum simulation and develop a product of your choice. Sprints will include sprint and release planning, development activity, the review and product/feature demonstration, and conclude with a team retrospective. Along the way, the Scrum environment will simulate some of the challenges teams face in their organizations regarding Scrum teams.

Speaker: Jason Morillo and Connie Montgomery

Date/Time: 5/28/13 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Venue: St. Edward’s University–North Austin, 9420 Research Boulevard, Echelon III, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78759

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