Cloud technology is big. Real big…and it’s everywhere. The Architecture SIG feels that we’ve delayed discussion on this long enough. Time to tackle the bull by the horns. Let’s talk about not only about Cloud Architecture, but how it applies in Agile Environments. Here are a few initial questions the group thought we could address in our February meeting:

1) To level set, what is cloud technology?

2) Are there cloud providers better for certain needs than others?

3) What are the architectural impacts for deciding to put a solution on the cloud?

4) Does the Cloud help or impede Agile development? Is it indifferent?

5) When it comes to architecting on the cloud, what works for others out there? Please share your tips.

As always, we welcome folks from all walks of the technical arena. Cross pollinating the discussion always provides more insightful feedback for everyone in attendance.

Since this is over the lunch hour, Agile Austin will provide food and drink to help solve that potential logistical detail for everyone.

Date/Time: 2/26/13 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Venue: Pervasive, 12365 Riata Trace Pkwy, Austin, TX 78727

To Register (and for more info):