The Agile approach to software development is geared towards projects that are small, co-located, and consist of team members that comfortably wear ‘many hats’. For large-scale organizations, typical software projects simply don’t fit this mold. Projects are usually large, often times geographically distributed, consist of many teams, and are formed by bringing together members from highly specialized organizations. Things get really interesting when there is an entrenched culture of distrust and adversity between these organizations. The discussion will briefly touch on the culture aspect and delve deeper into several practices that Dell ESG has deployed to better manage large-scale Agile projects. Attendees will be encouraged to share experiences they encounter at the enterprise level. The main topics of the discussion will be:

• Culture Transition

• Project Forecasting: Dev:Test ratio’s

• Scaling the Product Owner

• Earned Business Value: A Project Status metric for multi-team projects

Speaker: Geoff Meyer

Date/Time: 12/7/12 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Venue: CA Technologies, 5001 Plaza on the Lake, Suite 102 (first floor), Austin, TX 78746

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