Doing Agile isn’t Being Agile — dealing with the biggest barrier to Agile adoption

What is the biggest barrier to Agile Adoption?

VersionOne’s “State of Agile Development Survey” reports that the biggest barrier at companies to further Agile adoption, as reported by 51% of their respondents, is cultural change. Changing culture is cited as the biggest barrier in numerous other surveys and polls, as well.

As Israel Gat has observed, Agile adoption will trigger conflict due to cultural mismatches.

Defining your culture is not always easy. Changing it can be difficult. However, successful Agile adoption equates to developing, growing, and sustaining an Agile culture.

Doing Agile isn’t being Agile, and merely following a set of processes and practices doesn’t magically result in an organizationally-pervasive Agile culture.

How can cultural mismatches be identified? Once identified, what paths can be taken to maximize the probability of success? Come to this workshop prepared to start thinking about tools that can help identify your organization’s culture, and ways to determine which approach to grow and nurture a culture of Agility are likely to work best.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker

Speaker: Earl Everett

Date/Time: 9/19/12 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Venue: Pervasive, 12365 Riata Trace Pkwy, Austin, TX 78727

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