Traditionally, Architects are trusted with being the guardians of technical vision. However, the business value is more the domain of a product owner, and in many organizations so is the prioritization of the work. This bridge can often times be difficult for some to negotiate.
Please, come and share your stories of what works for you in bridging the span between technology and business value. Better yet, bring your product owner for this discussion, too.

Pizza and drinks will be provided courtesy of Agile Austin.
Informal Directions and Parking Info
Hyperformix is on the south side of Lake Austin at the 360 Pennybacker bridge.
Coming down 360 from the north, turn right into the first driveway (immediately) after the bridge.
Coming up 360 from the south, exit right before the bridge, take the turnaround under the bridge and then turn right into first driveway.
You can park in the open lots or any of the garages that aren’t indicated as reserved. The meeting will be held on the first floor.

For more information and to reserve a seat: