*********************NEW LOCATION – BAZAARVOICE********************************

The DevOps SIG February meeting will be on Leap Day (February 29th).  While no exotic celebrations are planned for this unique confluence of schedules, we will have a lively discussion on the ever-popular problem of how to deal with tightly coupled components while trying to speed your delivery processes.  Loosely coupled components, that can be changed at least somewhat independently of each other, is an assumption/goal in many DevOps models, but the reality in many shops is that there are barriers and gaps to getting to this situation.  And waiting until it is things are re-architected really isn’t an option in many cases, either.  Please come prepared to discuss your ideas and experiences for dealing with these situations.

Eventbrite link is here:  http://devopssig_feb2011.eventbrite.com/


Food and Drink

Our new host Bazaarvoice has graciously offered to provide lunch in addition to a much larger room!

Please Register on Eventbrite (link above) so they can place the correct size order.

Informal Directions and Parking Info

*********************NEW LOCATION – BAZAARVOICE********************************

Bazaarvoice is located in the San Clemente office complex/development on the West site of 360 directy across the highway from Davenport Village.

  • Coming North on 360, turn left (West) at the light at Westlake Drive.  The first right will take you into the office complex.
  • Coming South on 360, there is an entrance to San Clemente accessible on the right between the light at Cedar and the light at Westlake.  If you miss it, just make a right on Westlake and then take the first right into the complex.

The address is:

3900 N. Capital of TX Hwy.
Austin, TX 78746

The main lobby is on the 3rd floor.  Go there first and you can get to the room from there.

Seating is limited!

Please make sure you are able to attend this session. Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. We want to give everyone the opportunity to attend, so please only sign-up if you are committed to attending and have an interest in the topic. Meetings are held on a monthly basis, and topics vary, so don’t worry if the topic for this month does not interest you–there will be plenty of chances to attend future events. If you have an idea for a future discussion, please tell us! These sessions are valuable to both beginners and experienced alike, and folks from all disciplines are welcome.