About the Developer SIG

The primary goal of the Developer SIG is to promote community learning through questioning, critical thinking, sharing of experiences, collaborative problem solving, and exploring of our differences.  Each meeting will facilitate a group discussion relating to a common problem in software development. This month’s topic, feature toggles, feature branching and the associated problems they are aimed to solve.

The group is facilitated by Janelle Klein, Developer and Agile Practices Leader with New Iron.

Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/agileaustin-dev

Feature Toggles vs Feature Branching vs ?

In recent days on the Agile Austin mailing list, we’ve been discussing the potential uses and problems of Feature Toggles vs Feature Branches versus other options that might address the same problems.
What problems do these solutions aim to potentially solve?
What kinds of solutions are folks trying to use and what are their experiences with using these techniques?

Eventbrite: http://agiledevsig12.eventbrite.com

*********************NEW LOCATION – BAZAARVOICE********************************

Bazaarvoice is located in the San Clemente office complex/development on the West site of 360 directy across the highway from Davenport Village.

Coming North on 360, turn left (West) at the light at Westlake Drive. The first right will take you into the office complex.
Coming South on 360, there is an entrance to San Clemente accessible on the right between the light at Cedar and the light at Westlake. If you miss it, just make a right on Westlake and then take the first right into the complex.
The address is:

3900 N. Capital of TX Hwy.
Austin, TX 78746

The main lobby is on the 3rd floor. Go there first and you can get to the room from there.