Date: 2/7/2012
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Cost: Free
Location: Pervasive Software, 12365-B Riata Trace Parkway

Coupling and Cohesion: Pillars of Software Development

Coupling and cohesion stand as the often hidden pillars of software work. Either explicitly or implicitly many patterns and recommendations are built around them. At their essence coupling and cohesion not only form the basis of the work that goes into building a software system, but also have a lot to do with the humans developing that system, their knowledge, their limitations, and their teams.

Steve Teleki looks into the meaning of these concepts and provides a practical way to incorporate them into your everyday software project work. By paying attention to coupling and cohesion you’ll write easier to maintain code with fewer defects on shorter schedules.

Biography: Steven Teleki

Steven Teleki is software engineering executive, consultant, and mentor. He has over 20 years of experience in the software industry, including consumer and large enterprise products developed with distributed teams. He worked on software released to over 40 million customers worldwide. Steve is passionate about solving problems with great software on a schedule and budget that makes the project successful. He focuses on understanding, measuring, and improving individual, team, and organizational software development performance. He relentlessly works to improve cycle time while at the same time reducing post-release defects. Steve is Chairman Emeritus of the IEEE Computer Society, Austin Chapter. He can be reached at

Riata Trace Parkway is between Duval and Oak Knoll off 183. From 183: exit Oak Knoll Drive, turn right at Riata Trace Parkway. 12365-B is 0.8 miles on right

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