About the Developer SIG

The primary goal of the Developer SIG is to promote community learning through questioning, critical thinking, sharing of experiences, collaborative problem solving, and exploring of our differences.  Each meeting will facilitate a group discussion relating to a common problem in software development. This month’s topic, tradeoffs in branching strategies.

The group is facilitated by Janelle Klein, Developer and Agile Practices Leader with New Iron.

Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/agileaustin-dev
Eventbrite: http://agiledevsig9.eventbrite.com

Branching Strategies – What are the Tradeoffs?

In last week’s Agile Austin meeting, Cheng Leong presented an overview of Git, a popular DVCS. One question came up that sparked a lot of discussion – if you branch for teams, or branch for features, or commit locally and don’t push changes – aren’t you delaying integration? Whats the cost and how do you decide?

In this discussion we will consider some branching strategies that might be useful for different types of application challenges and share our experiences.