Date:  November 16, 2011

Time:  6:30 – 9:00 PM

The November Agile Austin Workshop will cover the topic of agile retrospectives.  Please join us as Earl Everett presents Agile/Scrum Retrospective Tips, Tricks, and Traps.

Every iteration should deliver 4 things:

1.       Customer value

2.       Working software

3.       Better individuals

4.       A stronger Team

While good feedback loops alone won’t guarantee Agile success, poor and/or nonexistent feedback loops guarantee failure.  The Product Demo at the end of the iteration provides feedback on the product’s current state and its future improvements. The Retrospective is the primary feedback loop for the Team to change and improve.  Would you agree that better Teams deliver better products?  Are your Retrospectives helping develop your Team(s) into all that they can be?

As Christopher Avery says, “The Retrospective is a chance for the team to act like a team, hearing every voice, integrating their perspective and reaching consensus on how to move forward in the next iteration.”  You’ll leave this workshop with some specific Retrospective activities you can use immediately, and some of the good (and bad) patterns Earl has observed over the years that help (or hinder, or prevent) a Team in building the skills and knowledge to improve themselves, their Team, and their organization.

Speaker Bio:

Earl Everett is the Engineering Lead for the DX Storage product at Dell in Austin, TX.  He has been a developer, tester, and manager for over 30 years.  His first agile experience was in 1974, when after he began playing rugby, a game which provides an immersive experience of solid cross-functional teams utilizing ‘inspect and adapt’.  He has successfully introduced and nurtured Agile and XP development and delivery in several companies, and is a CSM, CSPO, and CSP.

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