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About the Architect Special Interest Group Meeting

The primary goal of the Agile Architect SIG is to facilitate information discussion about how Architecture works in the Agile Environment. Each meeting will consist of a round table discussion of issues of interest to the group

The group is facilitated by Lee Fox, Senior Technical Architect with AT&T Wi-Fi Services and David Sheth, Chief Architect at Calavista.

More information and group communication may be found at the SIG’s Google Group:

Food and Drink

Lunch will be provided courtesy of Agile Austin.

Informal Directions and Parking Info

Hyperformix is on the south side of Lake Austin at the 360 Pennybacker bridge.

  • Coming down 360 from the north, turn right into the first driveway (immediately) after the bridge.
  • Coming up 360 from the south, exit right before the bridge, take the turnaround under the bridge and then turn right into first driveway.

You can park in the open lots or any of the garages that aren’t indicated as reserved.

Seating is limited!

Please make sure you are able to attend this session. Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. We want to give everyone the opportunity to attend, so please only sign-up if you are committed to attending. (These sessions are valuable to both newbies and experienced alike).

About the program

Coordinating  Multiple Teams


The topic of our October meeting will be “Coordinating multiple teams”.  Quite often, in the world of an Agile Architect, we are faced with having multiple teams in need of architectural services.  How do we keep them all on the same page?  Some would argue that it’s not even in the scope of architecture.  But, does that thought keep the architectural vision in consideration?

These are but a few of the thoughts that we can discuss in this session.  Please bring your stories and experiences of working with multiple teams. What were your challenges?  What were your responsibilities?  What worked for you?