About the Developer SIG

The primary goal of the Developer SIG is to promote community learning through questioning, critical thinking, sharing of experiences, collaborative problem solving, and exploring of our differences.  Each meeting will facilitate a group discussion relating to a common problem in software development. This month’s topic, Challenges of Database Automation.

The group is facilitated by Janelle Klein, Developer and Agile Practices Leader with New Iron.

Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/agileaustin-dev
Eventbrite: http://agiledevsig8.eventbrite.com

Challenges of Database Automation

Whether instrumenting your database development with a continuous integration process, or automating the deployment of your database changes to test or production environments, database automation can be a major challenge.

With a lack of a one size fits all solution, we are often stuck reinventing a variation of the same wheel.  And without collaboration, we undoubtedly repeat the same mistakes.  In this discussion, we will share patterns and lessons learned from our database automation experiences.

Example challenges:

  • Deploying database changes without downtime
  • Managing branch database development
  • Managing embedded procedural code
  • Creating reliable database state with large volumes of data